Commit 629f08f7 authored by Jonatas Esteves's avatar Jonatas Esteves
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SMAA: Fix color edge detection

Fix incorrect calculation of local contrast adaption in color edge detection

This is the fix from PR iryoku/smaa#11
parent a7b7e917
......@@ -792,11 +792,11 @@ float2 SMAAColorEdgeDetectionPS(float2 texcoord,
// Calculate left-left and top-top deltas:
float3 Cleftleft = SMAASamplePoint(colorTex, offset[2].xy).rgb;
t = abs(C - Cleftleft);
t = abs(Cleft - Cleftleft);
delta.z = max(max(t.r, t.g), t.b);
float3 Ctoptop = SMAASamplePoint(colorTex, offset[2].zw).rgb;
t = abs(C - Ctoptop);
t = abs(Ctop - Ctoptop);
delta.w = max(max(t.r, t.g), t.b);
// Calculate the final maximum delta:
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