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# 81-libretro
**81-libretro** is an *work in progress* port of the [EightyOne]( (a.k.a. THE Sinclair Emulator) to [libretro]( It's being developed on Windows with MinGW (64 bits) and Debian 8, and tested on RetroArch 1.2 frontend.
## Emulated Machines
EightyOne emulates a number of ZX80, ZX81, clones, and other computers based on the same hardware:
* Sinclair ZX80
* Sinclair ZX81
* Timex TS1000
* Timex TS1500
* Lambda 8300
* Ringo R470
* MicroDigital TK85
* Jupiter ACE
However, **81-libretro** only emulates the Sinclair ZX81 with 16Kb RAM for now. Other machines will be added as time permits. Push requests are welcome.
The port correctly loads and runs ~~some~~ many games I have around in the `p` format. `tzx` format is not supported yet.
EightyOne also emulates some ZX Spectrum machines, but those were left out of this core on purpose. For a ZX Spectrum for libretro, see the [Fuse core](
## Core Options
The only core option available on the frontend is:
* Video Presets (clean|tv|noisy): Change how the video is emulated
## Keyboard and Controllers
A keyboard and a cursor joystick are configured and should work out-of-the-box.
## Supported Formats
The only format supported is the `p` format. I wanted to support `tzx` tapes but the emulator refuses to load them. Push requests are welcome.
## Save States
Save states are supported.
## Setup
1. Compile **fuse-libretro** with `make -f Makefile.libretro`
1. Copy the resulting `fuse_libretro.dll` or `` into the `cores` folder of your libretro frontend
1. Profit!
## Versions
Versions that are being used to build and test **fuse-libretro**:
* EightyOne version 1.0 (test a)
See the open issues.
## Bugs
Many, probably. Open issues or send pull requests.
## License
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