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  1. 25 Aug, 2021 1 commit
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  4. 05 Jul, 2020 1 commit
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      Squashed 'deps/vitaGL/' changes from c816fec50f..2934af8af0 · 51922ea5
      frangarcj authored
      2934af8af0 Added Patreon sponsor link.
      c8f18b6f0f Getting current program only when required for vglDrawObjects.
      4c5d136b0d Added directive to enable vitaShaRK usage from cmd.
      4a10df3be5 Minor adjustments and bugfixes.
      14a0124acf Added GL_TEXTURE_LOD_BIAS support.
      40c8c6205e Added GL_NONE def and fixed glUniform4f impl.
      868079c51e Added glUniform4f implementation.
      0a682cbad2 Typo fix.
      be3ce61ae7 Added GL_DEPTH_BITS and GL_STENCIL_BITS support.
      21e6d1d330 Added runtime shader compiler support.
      696e40bc62 Beautify error handler code.
      537b37b110 Added glUniform3fv implementation.
      7dd1403015 Fixed GLenum size and added missing types defines.
      0c75f27ff1 Moved to NEON optimized memcpy usage.
      98951895de Added gluPerspective implementation.
      23e0b0b309 Fix for vglInitExtended not working on sys app mode.
      4989c33ef5 Run clang-format.
      429f1c1d8a Added system mode support.
      9231680d02 Initializing sceGxm before free mem checking on vglInitExtended.
      091e5e7882 Added vglInitWithCustomSizes.
      f4c646ea78 Added vglSetParamBufferSize.
      1b9a063c41 Beautify some code.
      089e81efc5 Fix for duplicated symbols
      789dcbf812 Typo fix in readRGBA4444.
      1514a4b2cb Disabling lto due to it being broken on vitasdk with gcc 9.1.
      fca18d9ab7 Added support for RGBA4444 texture format.
      d449f12808 Added support for RGB565 texture format.
      git-subtree-dir: deps/vitaGL
      git-subtree-split: 2934af8af083a9acf598ab75233c518a251c6f0d
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      Squashed 'deps/SPIRV-Cross/' changes from 8aa6731925..2820ab0b51 · 420b7913
      Libretro-Admin authored
      2820ab0b51 Merge pull request #1076 from KhronosGroup/bitcast-pre-330-glsl
      63bcbd511e GLSL: Need extension to use bitcast on GLSL < 330.
      9f3bebe3d0 Merge pull request #1075 from lifpan/master
      b11c20fc1d Remove unreasonable assertion for OpTypeImage Sampled parameter.
      1a592b7c0f Merge pull request #1067 from cdavis5e/msl-scalar-block-layout
      28454facbb MSL: Handle packed matrices.
      ea5c0ed82f MSL: Fix alignment of packed types.
      44f688bf0b Merge pull request #1070 from KhronosGroup/fix-1066
      25c74b324e Forget loop variable enables after emitting block chain.
      6b010e0cbc Merge pull request #1069 from KhronosGroup/fix-1053
      f6f849397e MSL: Re-roll array expressions in initializers.
      e5fa7edfd6 MSL: Support scalar block layout.
      git-subtree-dir: deps/SPIRV-Cross
      git-subtree-split: 2820ab0b51bf5e4187435d904b34e762b988f48b
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