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Changelog for 0.4.0.

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# 0.4.0 (April 21, 2019)
Now SquirrelJME has the SummerCoat virtual machine which is much lighter and
faster than SpringCoat.
faster than SpringCoat. There should definitely be very noticable performance
SquirrelJME is also available on RetroArch now since it has been ported to C
using the RatufaCoat virtual machine.
SquirrelJME is also available on RetroArch since the implementation of
RatufaCoat which is written in C and is capable of using the SquirrelJME
Other changes:
More detailed changes:
* To be determined.
* Build system
* Launching
* An alternative VM may be specified.
* The profiler snapshot can be written to a specific file.
* System properties may be defined and passed to the launched program.
* Started work on JavaDoc generation
* Tests
* Adjusted the results in the logarithm test to adjust the ulp to what
SquirrelJME generates. The results are still valid as it is valid to
be within a 1 ulp range, however the test framework only supports
exact values.
* Added the missing _mimemessage_ file for the MIME file decoding test.
* Classes
* Implemented
* ``
* `java.util.EventObject`
* `java.util.LinkedList`
* Deprecations
* `net.multiphasicapps.classfile.ExecutableCode`, not used.
* Additions
* `java.util.Vector`, was missing.
* Programs and Libraries
* `demo-hello`
* Made the system properties array `final`.
* `tac`
* Override standard output and forward to standard error while a test is
running, so things are not kludged.
* `tac-runner`
* Allow specific tests to be ran via the main arguments.
* Generate JUnit output which can be used in test environments.
* Performed some refactoring on the deserialization/serialization code.
* Compiler Backend
* `MergedPathSet` can be initialized by iterables now.
* Implemented a new tree based unit system for packages and classes.
* Added a bunch of string representations for class structures.
* Virtual Machines
* General
* Adjusted the Shaded JAR directory layout and added a dash in the path
so that classes technically become invalid.
* Allow properties to be obtained from internally passed system
* Added string representation for the stack map table.`
* SpringCoat
* SummerCoat
* New Virtual Machine, register based.
* Vast improvements over SpringCoat, faster and slimmer.
* RatufaCoat
* New Virtual Machine, based off SummerCoat.
* Fast and slim.
* Cleanup
* Removed the `` script, it was empty.
# 0.2.0 (December 25, 2018)
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