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Add more of a description to the readme.

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* "_Puppenstein_" <>
**SquirrelJME** is intended to be a Java ME 8 compatible environment for
strange and many other devices. The source is written in pure Java.
strange and many other devices. That is, you would be able to have a Java
environment on a wide range of _Internet of Things_ devices, older computers
(such as the _Amiga_), embedded devices, and mobile devices from old to new.
The source is written in pure Java.
Note that Java ME 8 has a Java 7 virtual machine with specific limitations.
......@@ -23,3 +23,7 @@ Did not figure I would be writing C code again.
I should add more things to the readme, such as my goals.
## 18:23
Now my C code compiles without errors and feels more typesafe.
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