Commit 66937dd4 authored by Stephanie Gawroriski's avatar Stephanie Gawroriski
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Remove notes to unversion script, it is not needed and is old.

parent 4179e7b2
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Multi-Phasic Applications: SquirrelJME
# Copyright (C) Stephanie Gawroriski <>
# Copyright (C) Multi-Phasic Applications <>
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
# SquirrelJME is under the GNU General Public License v3, or later.
# See license.mkd for licensing and copyright information.
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
# DESCRIPTION: This moves all of the developer notes from the repository to
# the unversioned space in fossil.
# Force C locale
export LC_ALL=C
# Directory of this script
__exedir="$(dirname -- "$0")"
# Copy all notes to unversioned areas
(cd "$__exedir/../src/developer-notes"; find -type f | sed 's/^\.\///g' | \
grep '\.mkd' | grep '\/') | while read __line
fossil unversion add "$__exedir/../src/developer-notes/$__line" \
--as "developer-notes/$__line"
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