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Add a document to contain all of the JSRs for implementing, consideration, or out of scope.

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* [Alternative URL](
(Links to the main repository)
* [Manual](src/manual/index.mkd)
* [Project Scope](scope.mkd)
* [Why?](src/manual/user/why.mkd)
## Links
# The Scope of SquirrelJME
This document defines the scope of SquirrelJME, classes which are to be
supported and ones which are not to be supported. All of the listed
specifications are either planned to be implemented, considering, or out
of scope for the project.
# To Implement
## Specifications
# Considering
Specifications that may be considered for inclusion.
## Specifications
# Out of Scope
These specifications will be not be implement at all. Note however, that
although these specifications are out of scope may potentially be provided by
third parties libraries.
## Specifications
* **JSR209** - Advanced Graphics and User Interface.
* Effectively Java SE Embedded.
* Intended for CDC.
* Has AWT.
* Has Swing.
* **JSR216** - Personal Profile.
* Effectively Java SE Embedded.
* Has AWT.
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