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I have a programming job now, so I do not need the hiring notice! yipee!

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......@@ -31,20 +31,6 @@ and requires only a Java compiler and virtual machine for it to be built.
* [Project Scope](scope.mkd)
* [SquirrelJME As A Runtime](asruntime.mkd)
## I Am Open For Hiring
**SquirrelJME** is a hobby project (which means I work on it in my spare time)
and as such does not sustain me monetarily. What does sustain me is a job in
retail at big box stores. If you do like my work please also
be advised that I am available for hire to work on a number of other projects
potentially. Most of my experience for languages is in _C_, _Java_, and
_POSIX Shell_. Although I do not mainly use other languages they can be learned
by adapting my current experience with those languages. **SquirrelJME** itself
mostly relates to embedded, compiler, and Java development. I prefer remote
development as it allows me to work from home rather than spending time
commuting every day (which wastes time). Interest can be e-mailed to me
(Stephanie Gawroriski) at <>.
## Repository
* [Online repository](
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