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Add CodeClimate configuration.

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# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Multi-Phasic Applications: SquirrelJME
# Copyright (C) Stephanie Gawroriski <>
# Copyright (C) Multi-Phasic Applications <>
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
# SquirrelJME is under the GNU General Public License v3+, or later.
# See license.mkd for licensing and copyright information.
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
# DESCRIPTION: Configuration for CodeClimate
version: 2
# The number of arguments for methods and such tends to be on the larger
# size since more arguments need to be passed. There are also standard
# APIs that will need to be considered in this as well.
threshold: 12
# Due to the nature of being a JVM, the number of lines in a file can be
# quite high. Introducing more classes and methods just to move stuff out
# of classes and otherwise will just result in more confusion. Additionally
# with the number of comments that exist, this increases the file line
# count much. It would be better to still keep the comments because otherwise
# maintaining a complex project such as this one will be difficult.
threshold: 850
# This is called "Cognitive Complexity" in the UI, it has a default low
# number at 5 which is too much for even the most simplest methods. It seems
# that using Synchronized will inflate the amount.
threshold: 24
# The number of lines in methods in SquirrelJME is more than most other
# projects as there is more commenting and logic within them. It would
# degrade the quality and readability of the code if methods were split into
# even more places.
threshold: 100
# The number of methods in a class tends to be on the higher side, especially
# with standardized classes.
threshold: 65
# There may be many return statements in methods that consist of large
# switches, the default here is 4 which is too small for most of the code.
threshold: 32
# Ignore the Gradle plugin
- "buildSrc/"
# Ignore tests
- "**/test"
# Ignore OpenGL Interfaces
- "**/opengles/"
- "**/opengles/"
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