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Update SpringThreadWorker.

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......@@ -21,6 +21,7 @@ import cc.squirreljme.jdwp.trips.JDWPTripBreakpoint;
import cc.squirreljme.jdwp.trips.JDWPTripClassStatus;
import cc.squirreljme.jdwp.trips.JDWPTripField;
import cc.squirreljme.jdwp.trips.JDWPTripThread;
import cc.squirreljme.jvm.Assembly;
import cc.squirreljme.jvm.mle.constants.VerboseDebugFlag;
import cc.squirreljme.runtime.cldc.debug.Debugging;
import cc.squirreljme.vm.springcoat.brackets.TypeObject;
......@@ -1037,10 +1038,28 @@ public final class SpringThreadWorker
// All low-level calls are considered invalid in SpringCoat because
// it does not have the given functionality.
if (__class.toString().startsWith("cc/squirreljme/jvm/Assembly") ||
// The only exception is made for packing/unpacking longs
if (__class.toString().startsWith("cc/squirreljme/jvm/Assembly"))
switch (
case "longPack":
return Assembly.longPack(
(int)__args[0], (int)__args[1]);
case "longUnpackHigh":
return Assembly.longUnpackHigh((long)__args[0]);
case "longUnpackLow":
return Assembly.longUnpackLow((long)__args[0]);
// Otherwise fail
throw new SpringVirtualMachineException(String.format(
"Invalid LLE native call: %s %s", __class,
"Invalid LLE native call: %s:%s %s", __class, __method,
// Do not allow the older SpringCoat "asm" classes to be called as
// the interfaces are very different with the MLE layer.
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