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* Copyright (C) 2013-2016 Multi-Phasic Applications
* The SquirrelJME Mascot was drawn by...
* "_Puppenstein_" <>
**SquirrelJME** is intended to be a Java ME 8 compatible environment for
strange and many other devices. The source is written in pure Java.
......@@ -35,3 +35,19 @@ are destroyed anyway. Only when the end of a basic block is reached will they
actually be stored somewhere, be it in registers or on the stack. I would
suppose that a generic code generator can work also.
## 13:30
SquirrelJME now has a mascot! yay! She did quite a nice job on it.
## 16:01
I need to devise a somewhat slow downscale method which can keep borders of an
image. That is, it downscale intelligently rather than using an average kind of
means when doing so. Current downscalers pretty much treat all pixels as alike.
Nearest is rather even when it comes to pixels by just choosing one at a given
position, while linear and such average the colors out. I suppose for extremley
low resolutions, I can just drop to pixel art. For example 8x8 would be pixel
art drawn myself while high resolution images would be the drawn mascot. Not
sure it would be possible for the algorithm I am thinking about writing would
be able to scale the image down so much.
Manifest-Version: 1.0
X-Hairball-Name: squirreljme-mascot
X-Hairball-UUID: 4e961d3f-5a7a-40af-a947-81d108fdce05
LIBlet-Title: SquirrelJME Mascot
LIBlet-Vendor: Steven Gawroriski
LIBlet-Description: This package contains the mascot for
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# Mascot
This package contains the mascot for this software.
* The SquirrelJME Mascot was drawn by...
* "_Puppenstein_" <>
# High Resolution Usage
For display purposes and on high resolution systems, the mascot as it currently
is can be used.
# Low Resolution Usage
For extremely low resolutions from 16x16 and below, the mascot would likely
have to be manually drawn as low resolution pixel art.
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