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......@@ -9,8 +9,8 @@ is very easy to port to different hardware. For running on native hardware, a
compiler handles the conversion of Java byte code to machine code (in an
intermediate format). Any system specific APIs are accessed via standardized
system calls that handle the logic the compiler cannot provide. An execution
engine which is written in C is available and it offers a lightweight method
of code execution.
engine which is written in C, it offers a lightweight method of code
Additionally, there is a port of SquirrelJME to RetroArch which enables the
ability to play older J2ME software and games designed for flip-phones.
......@@ -97,13 +97,14 @@ Information:
* [Online repository](
[Tor (A)](http://hrkzpyi33og6j5z3anfpjuqkawvkw4kxyasrp64elg3i6dffihmdhxad.onion/),
[Tor (B)](http://squirrelmfbf2udn.onion/))
[Tor (A)](http://vzwveldr7djnlpg7ujslaqre632htbl3unkmfbltpgumevw63jn47dad.onion/),
[Tor (B)](http://hrkzpyi33og6j5z3anfpjuqkawvkw4kxyasrp64elg3i6dffihmdhxad.onion/))
* SquirrelJME uses `fossil` <>.
* The repository may be cloned using Fossil:
* One of these commands:
* `fossil clone -u squirreljme.fossil`
* `fossil clone -u squirreljme.fossil`
* `fossil clone -u http://vzwveldr7djnlpg7ujslaqre632htbl3unkmfbltpgumevw63jn47dad.onion/ squirreljme.fossil`
* `fossil clone -u http://hrkzpyi33og6j5z3anfpjuqkawvkw4kxyasrp64elg3i6dffihmdhxad.onion/ squirreljme.fossil`
* `fossil clone -u http://squirrelmfbf2udn.onion/ squirreljme.fossil`
* `mkdir squirreljme`
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