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# 2022/05/26
## 23:02
I rather had an idea of things when it came to exception handling, smart
pointers, and garbage collection in RatufaCoat. I could just as easily switch
to C++ and just end it here and I might do that. But I could potentially setup
a system with macros and otherwise that could work in C albeit it would be
interesting to say the least and could work. It would very much abuse
`setjmp` and `longjmp` to get things done as such. I could declare referenced
and GC-able pointers within a `struct` that is `alloca` onto the stack. Every
function would need cleanup handlers and such. I suppose what I can do is name
the struct itself like `zone` then do `zone->whatever`. Would be crafty but
I suppose at that point I am re-inventing C++. At that point I should just be
using C++ honestly. Would just make things simpler to be honest and I have can
strong and weak references, I can also have operators on atomic values and such.
I just need to avoid crazy usage of templates since I can get into template
hell. The only other unfortunate is RetroArch which for some platforms uses
ancient compilers for things so that will fun stuff. Will have to figure that
out, but I could at least have a utility library of sorts.
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