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* _Lex_ (The SquirrelJME Mascot) was drawn by...
* "_Puppenstein_" <>
* Support me on [Patreon](!
* Support me on [Patreon](!
**SquirrelJME** is intended to be a Java ME 8 compatible environment for
strange and many other devices. That is, you would be able to have a Java
......@@ -52,7 +52,7 @@ the following address: <>.
* One of these commands
* `fossil clone -u squirreljme.fossil`
* `fossil clone -u squirreljme.fossil`
* `mkdir squireljme`
* `mkdir squirreljme`
* `cd squirreljme`
* `fossil open ../squirreljme.fossil`
* Trunk Source Snapshot (`fossil serve` only):
......@@ -119,7 +119,7 @@ You may donate to SquirrelJME to which would be used by the author to keep the
web server online, the purchasing of new hardware/software, and for the
purchasing of food items for consumption.
* [Patreon](
* [Patreon](
* BitCoin (**BTC/XBT**): [`13UYwi2zuQd8NLhjyu1BA7a8NWktDotmq4`](
* Ethereum (**ETH**): [`0x9738136f7EcB11d554Ef767704F62216a646e0AB`](
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