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# SquirrelJME As A Runtime
To use the SquirrelJME library as the main supporting run-time library will
require that you implement the native methods which are located in the
`cc.squirreljme.runtime.cldc.asm` package. Implementing these native methods
# Porting SquirrelJME
SquirrelJME is very much designed to be easily ported to other systems as
all of the code for it is in Java, which means there is a universal method of
compilation and executing the code.
# Requirements
Although SquirrelJME is a complex project, the layout and design as previously
mentioned sets down that SquirrelJME be easy to port. Therefor, these are
the requirements needed for porting:
* Execution engine
* To properly execute SquirrelJME's library
* One of:
* Executing SummerCoat ROMs
* RatufaCoat port to platform
* Translation of SummerCoat into native code
* Implement the various System Calls
* Resource Access
# Implementation Reminders
## Thread Starting
All threads including the main thread must have a `Thread` object initialized
in which `Thread.__start()` is executed for the threads. This method is in
the virtual machine itself and performs most of the logic needed by the
library so that porting is simpler.
......@@ -65,8 +65,8 @@ Information:
* [Developer Guide](developer-guide.mkd)
* [Developer Notes](assets/developer-notes/index.mkd)
* [Design Document](design.mkd)
* [Porting SquirrelJME](porting.mkd)
* [Project Scope](scope.mkd)
* [SquirrelJME As A Runtime](asruntime.mkd)
* [CLDC 1.8 API (](
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