Commit d5a4ebe0 authored by Stephanie Gawroriski's avatar Stephanie Gawroriski
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Add to the changelog.

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......@@ -36,6 +36,9 @@ More detailed changes:
* Corrected bug in `__CanSetPrintStream__` where if it were set to itself
then it could lead to infinite recursion, instead if this kind of
stream is attempted to be set it will use the target.
* Corrected `Integer.toString()` and `Long.toString()` to correctly
handle `MIN_VALUE`s. They are no longer printed as a bunch of
parenthesis and minus signs due to character overflow.
* Corrected `java.lang.Object.clone()` to return the new copy of the array
when cloning and not the original.
* Corrected `java.util.Objects.equals()` not correctly checking equality
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