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* `W24`: `08` `09` `10` [**`11`**](stephanie-gawroriski/2020/06/11.mkd) `12` `13` `14`
* `W25`: `15` `16` `17` `18` `19` `20` `21`
* `W26`: `22` `23` `24` `25` `26` [**`27`**](stephanie-gawroriski/2020/06/27.mkd) [**`28`**](stephanie-gawroriski/2020/06/28.mkd)
* `W27`: [**`29`**](stephanie-gawroriski/2020/06/29.mkd) `30` `--` `--` `--` `--` `--`
* `W27`: [**`29`**](stephanie-gawroriski/2020/06/29.mkd) [**`30`**](stephanie-gawroriski/2020/06/30.mkd) `--` `--` `--` `--` `--`
# 2020/06/30
## 08:26
After fixing an error in BAIS all the tests that I have pass in SpringCoat so
that is very nice! Now I can continue on implementing everything and such, just
need to spend the day at work right now. But otherwise, I will be continuing
by doing LCDUI and getting that bumped up.
## 18:20
Actually, I want to do the LCDUI refactor and improvements pretty much now
rather than having part of it in `wip-midlevel`. I think that branch has gone
on and I believe it to be a success right now, so I will leave that there and
merge it in.
## 18:52
Okay so I have an idea for `FormShelf`! Basically everything there is going to
be a form item for the most part. Positionally speaking there will be special indexes which determine how an item will be placed, these will be a default list-view with zero to positive indexes, whereas negative ones will be special like the left and right soft button command buttons. Each item will be treated exactly the same which I feel is important. Initially for forms, I will have
each form item be just a customized item where the MIDlet (or SquirrelJME)
is responsible for the drawing. Then the form manager will manage events
and such. I think starting at this point will be the simplest. Then eventually
at a later point I will add custom more appropriate things such as buttons
and otherwise. One thing to note is that this still will have to ultimately
be compatible with a basic framebuffer like that for SummerCoat and other
systems which are not capable of forms.
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