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      Compile for some buildbot platforms · 354e4a86
      phcoder authored
      Platforms I tested:
      * Android x64 and arm64. 60fps/fullspeed
      * Linux i686 and x64. 60fps/fullspeed
      * Windows i686 and x64. 60fps/fullspeed
      * Emscripten. 60fps/fullspeed
      * Libnx (Switch) 55fps/92% on stock performance or
                       60fps/full speed on boost performance
      * 3DS. 30fps/about 50% speed
      * PSP. 13.5fps/about 22.5% speed
      Not tested beyond compilation but should work:
      * Android i686 and arm32
      * OSX i686/x64/aarch64
      * Vita
      Skipped as cmake templates aren't agreed yet:
      * iOS/tvOS
      * PS2
      * Dingux
      Skipped big-endian platforms as I don't have one to test now:
      * osx-ppc
      * wiiu
      * wii
      * ngc
      * psl1ght
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      Add strsep for windows · 6f44b01f
      phcoder authored
      Windows has no strsep. Check for strsep presence and if none is found use own
      copy of glibc strsep
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      Add missing explicit casts · 748da2a8
      phcoder authored
      %x is specifically for unsigned int but uint32_t may be unsigned int or
      unsigned long. If it's unsigned long it's de-facto the same as unsigned int
      but without a cast compilation fails.
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      Explicitly set C standard in cmake · 9ac4e81c
      phcoder authored
      This pins the standard to c99 and so allows c99 features even if compiler
      defaults to lower standard
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      Use unsigned int instead of less portable uint · 9f245802
      phcoder authored
      uint fails for several buildbot targets and since it's used in a single
      place only, just replace it with unsigned int
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      Remove unused files · 02e6728c
      phcoder authored
      simavr.cmake and simavr patches are not used anymore
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      Switch to using submodule · 3c1b4195
      phcoder authored
      Pulling the tree in build phase is nice but other cores use submodules and they
      are easier to deal with.
      Running subcompilation using makefile for simavr is very difficult for the cases
      of cross-compile like is needed for all the consoles. Hence let's just pull
      required files directly into the project. With few tricks they don't even need
      any changes simplifying the entire handling
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      Set suffixes for static libretro targets · a6639f37
      phcoder authored
      Many platforms use a suffix _${platform}.${extension} as suffix. Add it
      when necesarry.
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