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# Mednafen PSX libretro
This is port of Mednafen PSX core to the libretro API.
It currently runs on Linux and possibly OSX.
It currently runs on Linux, OSX and possibly Windows.
## Running
To run this core, a proper configuration for Mednafen must be set up in
<tt>$HOME/.mednafen</tt> as Mednafen itself expects.
Here, at least the BIOS must be set up as it is not distributed.
You should attempt to at least get an ISO image running in the real Mednafen before attempting
to use this port.
To run this core, the "system directory" must be defined if running in RetroArch.
Here, the PSX BIOSes must be placed, $sysdir/SCPH550{0,1,2} for Japanese, NA and EU regions respectively.
Memory cards will also be saved to this system directory.
## Loading ISOs
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