Unverified Commit 9e2bafa6 authored by hizzlekizzle's avatar hizzlekizzle Committed by GitHub
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Merge pull request #113 from funbars/fbo2

fix libretro fbo
parents 8a78001f fdcc163b
......@@ -1020,13 +1020,19 @@ static float get_aspect_ratio(unsigned width, unsigned height)
void update_geometry(unsigned width, unsigned height)
struct retro_system_av_info system_av_info;
struct retro_system_av_info info;
system_av_info.geometry.base_width = width;
system_av_info.geometry.base_height = height;
system_av_info.geometry.aspect_ratio = get_aspect_ratio(width, height);
memset(&info, 0, sizeof(info));
info.timing.fps = MEDNAFEN_CORE_TIMING_FPS;
info.timing.sample_rate = 44100;
info.geometry.max_width = MEDNAFEN_CORE_GEOMETRY_MAX_W;
info.geometry.max_height = MEDNAFEN_CORE_GEOMETRY_MAX_H;
environ_cb(RETRO_ENVIRONMENT_SET_GEOMETRY, &system_av_info);
info.geometry.base_width = width;
info.geometry.base_height = height;
info.geometry.aspect_ratio = get_aspect_ratio(width, height);
static void hires_blending(uint16 *fb, int width, int height, int pitch)
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