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parent 889f2115
......@@ -1515,24 +1515,31 @@ static MDFN_COLD bool LoadCD(std::vector<CDIF *>* CDInterfaces)
uint8 fd_id[16];
char sgid[16 + 1];
cdifs = CDInterfaces;
log_cb(RETRO_LOG_INFO, "Calculating game ID...\n");
CalcGameID(MDFNGameInfo->MD5, fd_id, sgid);
log_cb(RETRO_LOG_INFO, "Trying to autodetect region...\n");
if(!DB_LookupRegionDB(fd_id, &region))
log_cb(RETRO_LOG_INFO, "[Mednafen]: Could not find region inside DB.\n");
if((cart_type = MDFN_GetSettingI("ss.cart")) == CART__RESERVED)
log_cb(RETRO_LOG_INFO, "Trying to lookup cartridge from DB...\n");
cart_type = CART_BACKUP_MEM;
DB_LookupCartDB(sgid, &cart_type);
log_cb(RETRO_LOG_INFO, "Trying to do CD sanity checks...\n");
if (!DiscSanityChecks())
return false;
......@@ -2277,6 +2284,7 @@ static MDFNGI *MDFNI_LoadCD(const char *devicename)
log_cb(RETRO_LOG_DEBUG, "Leadout: %6d\n", toc.tracks[100].lba);
log_cb(RETRO_LOG_DEBUG, "Calculating layout MD5.\n");
// Calculate layout MD5. The system emulation LoadCD() code is free to ignore this value and calculate
// its own, or to use it to look up a game in its database.
......@@ -2305,6 +2313,7 @@ static MDFNGI *MDFNI_LoadCD(const char *devicename)
log_cb(RETRO_LOG_DEBUG, "Done calculating layout MD5.\n");
// TODO: include module name in hash
memcpy(MDFNGameInfo->MD5, LayoutMD5, 16);
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