Commit bab7101b authored by Vladimir Serbinenko's avatar Vladimir Serbinenko
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Add bunch of missing definitions

parent 15901551
......@@ -69,6 +69,7 @@ void plug_mouse(void);
void plug_covox(void);
void plug_synth(void);
void plug_bkplip(void);
void tty_keyevent(int c);
void fake_disk_io(void);
void fake_sector_io(void);
c_addr disas (c_addr a, char * dest);
......@@ -101,9 +102,12 @@ typedef struct _pdp_regs {
unsigned look_time; /* when to handle things, saves time */
} pdp_regs;
extern unsigned int hasexit;
void timing(register pdp_regs *p);
int lc_word(c_addr addr, d_word *word);
int sc_word(c_addr addr, d_word word);
int load_src(register pdp_regs *p, d_word *data);
* Definitions for the memory map and memory operations.
......@@ -497,14 +501,56 @@ typedef struct {
} disk_t;
extern unsigned long pending_interrupts;
void disk_open(disk_t * pdt, const char * name);
void ev_register(unsigned priority, int (*handler)(d_word),
unsigned long delay, /* in clock ticks */
d_word info);
void ev_fire( int priority );
char * state(pdp_regs * p);
void pagereg_bwrite(d_byte byte);
void serial_write(d_word w);
void tape_write(unsigned status, unsigned val);
int storeb_dst(register pdp_regs *p, d_byte data);
void pagereg_write(d_word word);
void sound_init(void);
int load_dst(register pdp_regs *p, d_word *data);
void tape_write(unsigned status, unsigned val);
int tape_read(void);
void tape_init(void);
d_word serial_read(void);
void scr_param_change(int pal, int buf);
int store_dst_2( register pdp_regs *p, d_word data);
int load_dst(register pdp_regs *p, d_word *data);
int store_dst(register pdp_regs *p, d_word data);
int loadb_dst(register pdp_regs *p, d_byte *data);
int brx(register pdp_regs *p, unsigned clear, unsigned set);
int pop(register pdp_regs *p, d_word *data);
int storeb_dst_2(register pdp_regs *p, d_byte data);
void q_reset(void);
int sl_byte(register pdp_regs *p, d_word laddr, d_byte byte);
int push(register pdp_regs *p, d_word data);
void addtocybuf(int val);
void mem_init(void);
void sim_init(void);
void tty_open(void);
void ev_init(void);
void scr_flush(void);
void maybe_scr_flush(void);
int run_cpu_until(register pdp_regs *p, long long max_ticks);
void load_and_run(FILE *f);
int ll_byte( register pdp_regs *p, d_word baddr, d_byte *byte );
int loadb_src( register pdp_regs *p, d_byte *data);
int load_ea( register pdp_regs *p, d_word *addr);
void scr_sync(void);
extern int breakpoint;
extern unsigned char change_req;
extern unsigned char param_change_line;
void scr_common_init(void);
extern unsigned char req_page[512], req_palette[512];
extern int cybuf[1024];
extern int cybufidx;
void ui_download(void);
void intr_hand(void);
d_word platform_joystick_get_state();
void platform_joystick_init();
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