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      docs: Review and update docs for v107. · 0b44399c
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      Changes include:
      - The "Library" menu was replaced with the "Systems" menu
      - The "Settings" menu was reorganised
      - Game Boy rumble is now under the MBC5 "controller" for the cartridge "port",
        instead of being presented as a part of the base console
      - Import instructions now mention that icarus ships with some firmware files,
        and describe the "Firmware" directory that icarus will use for firmware
        it needs.
      - Apparently the correct name is "MSU1", not "MSU-1"
      - v107 changes the way MSU1 data is stored in game folders
      - PowerFest '94 import instructions removed, since I can't get it to work
        with v107
      - Links to the official forum have been replaced with links to the unofficial
        forum archive, since the official forum is shutting down
      - Links to Mercurial Magic updated to point at qwertymodo's archive, since
        hex_usr is no longer developing it
      - Links to nSide updated, since hex_usr no longer uses GitHub.
      - Windows build instructions now describe a compiler that is actually
        maintained, instead of stale TDM64-GCC.
      - Linux build instructions now mention higan requires SDL 2.0.
      - minor wording changes, typos, broken links fixed, etc.
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      Spell-check the documentation. · c557d68e
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      Changes include a few typos, a few capitalization changes, and a lot of hyphenation of compound words that were not as widely used as I thought.
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