Commit f7095ee2 authored by James's avatar James
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Clean up config options

parent 5b11e1d5
......@@ -75,7 +75,8 @@ void LibRetro::OnConfigureEnvironment() {
"Right analog function; C-Stick and Touchscreen Pointer|Touchscreen Pointer|C-Stick"},
{"citra_deadzone", "Emulated pointer deadzone (%); 15|20|25|30|35|0|5|10"},
{"citra_limit_framerate", "Enable frame limiter; enabled|disabled"},
{"citra_limit_framerate_target", "Frame limiter target (% of full speed); 100|110|120|130|140|150|200|250|300|350|400|450|500|50|80|90"},
{"citra_limit_framerate_target", "Frame limiter target (% of full speed); "
{"citra_audio_stretching", "Enable audio stretching; enabled|disabled"},
{"citra_use_virtual_sd", "Enable virtual SD card; enabled|disabled"},
{"citra_use_libretro_save_path", "Savegame location; Citra Default|LibRetro Default"},
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