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    Squash changes from andoidui into single commit · ae5394f6
    TwistedUmbrella authored
    Integrate previously locked settings with valid user warning
    Put a note about the beta compile link in the README.md
    Add a super fancy about that supports Github commit logs
    Revise about with git log, Highlight current build in commits
    Check for a null value when getting the current commit sha
    Chinese Simplified Translation from @weihan1102
    Rename Simplified Chinese res folder for proper complie
    Add links to the website and beta compile site from about
    Add option for custom mapping to set joystick to non-dpad
    Fix a missing check for the user saved value of the A button
    The Moga only operates one way, there is no variation test
    Add region values, Set cable to match formatting of others
    Reduce the number of random string array calls, jsCompat
    It was unnecessary to keep getting the array, It was even less
    necessary to keep getting the preference values. The port
    identification letters are set multi-lingual values.
    Label the about links to prevent any confusion (Not mirrors)
    Missing a check on the motion events to determine compat
    Add a check to verify Kitkat, Remove the standard override
    The new API verification complains about the Override, so this is a
    preventative step for if and when it is updated. It may also prevent
    some issues with compatibility.
    Run organize imports to reduce the amount of excess code
    Add a controller option to go to custom layout from selection
    Prevent a leak where multiple items were highlighted in list
    @AndroidGX French Translation resources
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