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......@@ -203,7 +203,7 @@ struct TA_context
rend.verts.InitBytes(vert_size,&rend.Overrun, "verts");
rend.idx.Init(120*1024,&rend.Overrun, "idx"); // up to 120K indices (idx have stripification overhead)
rend.global_param_op.Init(16384,&rend.Overrun, "global_param_op");
rend.global_param_pt.Init(4096,&rend.Overrun, "global_param_pt");
rend.global_param_pt.Init(5120,&rend.Overrun, "global_param_pt");
rend.global_param_mvo.Init(4096,&rend.Overrun, "global_param_mvo");
rend.global_param_mvo_tr.Init(4096,&rend.Overrun, "global_param_mvo_tr");
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