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Some details about ARM, cross-compiling and ODROID.

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Building for ARM
Same tools as Linux install required.
In addition, you should install a cross-compile tool if you are compiling from a non-ARM architecture.
See ```binutils``` or ```crossdev``` according to your distribution. You will need to call ```make``` prefixed by ```CC_PREFIX="{your_compiler_prefix}"```, for example ```CC_PREFIX="armv7ve-hardfloat-linux-gnueabi-"```.
CC_PREFIX="armv7ve-hardfloat-linux-gnueabi-" platform=odroid ARCH=arm make
Supported platform values are:
* rpi
* rpi2
* odroid
* imx6
* armv
For platform=odroid, the Makefile you auto-detect the board you are compiling on. If you are cross-compiling, this would return empty. Use ```BOARD="{target board}"``` to make sure you are compiling for the right CPU.
Odroid supported board values are:
* ODROID-XU3 (including ODROID-XU4)
* {empty} would target ODROID-U and ODROID-X series
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