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......@@ -54,7 +54,7 @@ private:
static const u8 permutation_table[4][16];
static const sbox_set sboxes_table[4];
static const int xor_table[16];
static u16 decrypt(u16 cipherText, u32 address, const u8 key);
static u16 decrypt(u16 cipherText, u32 address, u8 key);
u16 decrypt16(u32 address) { return decrypt(((u16 *)RomPtr)[address % (RomSize / 2)], address, rombd_key); }
void set_key();
......@@ -65,7 +65,7 @@ private:
void find_file(const char *name, const u8 *dir_sector, u32 &file_start, u32 &file_size);
inline void permutate(u32 &a, u32 &b, u32 m, int shift);
void des_generate_subkeys(const u64 key, u32 *subkeys);
void des_generate_subkeys(u64 key, u32 *subkeys);
template<bool decrypt>
u64 des_encrypt_decrypt(u64 src, const u32 *des_subkeys);
u64 rev64(u64 src);
......@@ -11,11 +11,11 @@ void naomi_reg_Reset(bool Manual);
u32 ReadMem_naomi(u32 Addr, u32 size);
void WriteMem_naomi(u32 Addr, u32 data, u32 size);
void NaomiBoardIDWrite(const u16 Data);
void NaomiBoardIDWriteControl(const u16 Data);
void NaomiBoardIDWrite(u16 Data);
void NaomiBoardIDWriteControl(u16 Data);
u16 NaomiBoardIDRead();
u16 NaomiGameIDRead();
void NaomiGameIDWrite(const u16 Data);
void NaomiGameIDWrite(u16 Data);
void naomi_process(u32 command,u32 offset1,u32 parameterl, u32 parameterh);
extern u32 reg_dimm_command; // command, written, 0x1E03 some flag ?
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