Commit e622b363 authored by Libretro-Admin's avatar Libretro-Admin
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Get rid of EXTRAFLAGS - doesn't exist

parent d03cd4cd
......@@ -548,14 +548,14 @@ $(TARGET): $(OBJECTS)
ifeq ($(STATIC_LINKING), 1)
$(AR) rcs $@ $(OBJECTS)
$(CXX) $(MFLAGS) $(fpic) $(SHARED) $(LDFLAGS) $(OBJECTS) $(LIBS) $(GL_LIB) -o $@
%.o: %.cpp
%.o: %.c
$(CC) $(INCFLAGS) $(CFLAGS) $(MFLAGS) $< -o $@
%.o: %.S
$(CC_AS) $(ASFLAGS) $(INCFLAGS) $< -o $@
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