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      Added OSS audio backend · f6d2e3fa
      Jan Holthuis authored
      This adds the OSS audio backend and removes OSS code from
      core/linux-dist/main.cpp and core/sdl/main.cpp.
      The OSS backend will be included during compilation if the USE_OSS
      flag is set.
      Although OSS code in core/linux-dist/main.cpp depended on the
      TARGET_PANDORA flag instead of USE_OSS, the latter should work too
      since it is defined in the Pandora Makefile (lines 7 & 83).
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      Implement audio backend system · e3f1784a
      Jan Holthuis authored
      This makes it possible to have multiple audio backends compiled into
      reicast (e.g. ALSA & OSS on Linux). These can then selected by the user
      via a config option ("backend" iin the "audio" section). It *should*
      also be possible to reduce the number of platform-specific ifdefs with this
      Audio backends need to define a struct (audiobackend_t) that holds a
      pointer to it's init, push and term function and also a slug and a name
      as string. They then need to pass a pointer to this struct to
      RegisterAudioBackend() before InitAudio() is called.
      For now, I defined a function (RegisterAllAudioBackends) that get's
      called exactly once (i.e. upon first call of InitAudio()), where
      we can put ifdef'd RegisterAudioBackend() calls into for each backend
      that reicast supports.
      Please note that this commit just implements the basic audio backend
      system - no backends have been ported to the new API yet. For the meantime,
      reicast will run without any audio support accross all systems.
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      Linux GLX/3.1 support · 0783875b
      ~skmp authored
      My setup is only 2.1 right now, so this is totally untested
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