Commit 7a997634 authored by Ignacio Sanchez Gines's avatar Ignacio Sanchez Gines
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Package dependencies in correct dir

parent 303a9a55
......@@ -6,9 +6,9 @@ APP_NAME=Gearsystem
rm -rf $(APP_NAME).app
mkdir -p $(APP_NAME).app/Contents/{MacOS,Resources}
mkdir -p $(APP_NAME).app/Contents/{MacOS,Resources,Frameworks}
cp Info.plist $(APP_NAME).app/Contents/
cp $(DYLIB_PATH)/$(SDL_DYLIB) $(APP_NAME).app/Contents/MacOS/
cp $(DYLIB_PATH)/$(SDL_DYLIB) $(APP_NAME).app/Contents/Frameworks/
cp iconfile.icns $(APP_NAME).app/Contents/Resources/
cp $(EXE) $(APP_NAME).app/Contents/MacOS/
cp $(APP_NAME).app/Contents/MacOS/
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