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## Downloads
- **Windows**: [](
- **Windows**: [](
- NOTE: You may need to install the [Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable](
- **macOS**:
- `brew cask install gearsystem`
- Or install manually: [](
- **Linux**: [Gearsystem-3.0.1-Linux.tar.xz](
- Or install manually: [](
- **Linux**: [Gearsystem-3.0.2-Linux.tar.xz](
- **iOS**: Build Gearsystem with Xcode and transfer it to your device. You can open rom files from other apps like Safari or Dropbox, or use your iCloud Drive.
- **RetroArch**: [Libretro core documentation](
- **Raspberry Pi**: Build Gearsystem from sources. Optimized projects are provided for Raspberry Pi 1, 2 and 3.
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