Commit 325a7a01 authored by Vladimir Serbinenko's avatar Vladimir Serbinenko
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Replace sprintf with snprintf

Even though *_path have an apparently sufficient length, in reality some OSes
like GNU/Hurd have no real limit on path length. Even when limit is real
it doesn't limit the length of command line argument. We don't want to get
buffer overflow with a crash. Just use snprintf as safety
parent 7118601a
......@@ -179,9 +179,9 @@ bool chip8_load_rom(CHIP8 *chip8, char *filename)
sprintf(chip8->ROM_path, "%s", filename);
sprintf(chip8->UF_path, "%s.uf", filename);
sprintf(chip8->DMP_path, "%s.dmp", filename);
snprintf(chip8->ROM_path, sizeof(chip8->ROM_path) - 1, "%s", filename);
snprintf(chip8->UF_path, sizeof(chip8->UF_path) - 1, "%s.uf", filename);
snprintf(chip8->DMP_path, sizeof(chip8->DMP_path) - 1, "%s.dmp", filename);
return true;
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