Commit 63bde236 authored by phcoder's avatar phcoder
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LIBRETRO: Fix potential shadowing

parent 8ff383bd
......@@ -602,6 +602,6 @@ void *retro_get_memory_data(unsigned id)
/* Stubs */
unsigned int retro_api_version(void) { return RETRO_API_VERSION; }
void retro_cheat_reset(void) { }
void retro_cheat_set(unsigned index, bool enabled, const char *code) { }
void retro_cheat_set(unsigned idx, bool enabled, const char *code) { }
bool retro_load_game_special(unsigned game_type, const struct retro_game_info *info, size_t num_info) { return false; }
void retro_set_controller_port_device(unsigned port, unsigned device) { }
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