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added makefile build db

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......@@ -443,5 +443,9 @@ clean:
rm -f $(HEADERS)
rm -f $(TARGET)
$(CORE_DIR)/contrib/ $(CORE_DIR)/contrib/remaps $(CORE_DIR)/libretro-common/include/libretro.h > $(CORE_DIR)/libretro/db/entries.h
rm -f $(CORE_DIR)/libretro/db/*.o
.PHONY: $(TARGET) clean clean-objs
......@@ -73,7 +73,7 @@ retro_log_printf_t log_cb;
computer_cfg_t retro_computer_cfg;
game_cfg_t game_configuration;
t_button_cfg btnPAD[MAX_PADCFG];
extern t_button_cfg btnPAD[MAX_PADCFG];
extern void change_model(int val);
extern int snapshot_load (char *pchFileName);
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