Commit 63d9dd14 authored by Steel01's avatar Steel01
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Revert "Add md5"

This reverts commit 5000fc8a.

md5.c is already in the source list a few lines lower. The dual
inclusion is breaking Android builds.
parent ed12bf6a
......@@ -20,7 +20,6 @@ FLAGS += -I$(CORE_DIR)/vendor/libretro-common/include
# Only compile libretro-common when not STATIC_LINKING
ifneq ($(STATIC_LINKING), 1)
SOURCES_C += $(wildcard \
$(CORE_DIR)/vendor/libretro-common/utils/md5.c \
$(CORE_DIR)/vendor/libretro-common/audio/audio_mix.c \
$(CORE_DIR)/vendor/libretro-common/audio/audio_mixer.c \
$(CORE_DIR)/vendor/libretro-common/audio/conversion/*.c \
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