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Merge pull request #355 from libretro/update

Update Dependencies
parents 3001ddaa 302e928e
Subproject commit 82d011756adfece7506728b4fa9e7354cbe58641
Subproject commit bd6ddf95129e769b50ef63e0f558fa21364f3f65
Subproject commit 3ae84ee5d0a0af72a6a808a32b63e1ea0076f2be
Subproject commit 58f9c0f558a8e74fe0bfafd1a1e3bdacb5841168
Subproject commit 87ae44c172d7c8e04c64e26fdda868508582b4f6
Subproject commit 33c632195f54d2ce0be34c56f98bb1a2a4c98831
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