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Merge pull request #28 from mlpformat/master

Fix resetting when track 1 is paused
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......@@ -52,14 +52,14 @@ void start_track(int tracknr)
track = plist->tracks[tracknr];
//change emu if file changes
if(track->file_id != prev_fileid)
//change emu regardless of whether file changes
//if(track->file_id != prev_fileid)
is_playing_ = false;
file = plist->files[track->file_id];
prev_fileid = track->file_id;
if (emu)
gme_delete (emu);
gme_delete (emu);
emu = gme_new_emu(file->file_type,sample_rate_);
is_playing_ = true;
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