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fix mikie irq

Check and launch system irqs after timers done. Improves Ms. Pac-Man.
parent 10f51516
......@@ -3670,6 +3670,11 @@ inline void CMikie::Update(void)
// if(gSystemCycleCount==gNextTimerEvent) gError->Warning("CMikie::Update() - gSystemCycleCount==gNextTimerEvent, system lock likely");
// TRACE_MIKIE1("Update() - NextTimerEvent = %012d",gNextTimerEvent);
// Update system IRQ status as a result of timer activity
if(gSystemIRQ && gSystemCPUSleep) { ClearCPUSleep(); /*puts("ARLARM"); */ }
//else if(gSuzieDoneTime) SetCPUSleep();
// Now all the timer updates are done we can increment the system
// counter for any work done within the Update() function, gSystemCycleCounter
// cannot be updated until this point otherwise it screws up the counters.
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