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also update the readme a bit while we're at it

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<h2 align="center"><b>melonDS</b></h2>
<p align="center">
<a href="" alt="melonDS website"><img src=""></a>
<a href="" alt="Release: 0.7"><img src=""></a>
<a href="" alt="Release: 0.7.1"><img src=""></a>
<a href="" alt="License: GPLv3"><img src=""></a>
<a href="" alt="IRC channel: #melonds"><img src=""></a>
......@@ -52,14 +52,13 @@ Build system is not set in stone.
* improve libui and the emulator UI
* fix occasional sound crackling in games that use surround (timing issue?)
* hardware renderer for 3D (w/ upscaling and fancy shit)
* support for rendering screens to separate windows
* emulating some fancy addons
* other non-core shit (debugger, graphics viewers, cheat crapo, etc)
* hardware renderer for 3D (w/ upscaling and fancy shit)
* better wifi
* maybe emulate flashcarts or other fancy hardware
* big-endian compatibility (Wii, etc)
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