Commit 6f91bcc3 authored by Arisotura's avatar Arisotura
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use shitfucking stupid linebreaks so that our text files don't like stupid compact blobs in Notepad

(really, fuck Notepad)
parent d3c298bb
......@@ -171,20 +171,20 @@ bool ARCodeFile::Save()
ARCodeCat& cat = *it;
if (it != Categories.begin()) fprintf(f, "\n");
fprintf(f, "CAT %s\n\n", cat.Name);
if (it != Categories.begin()) fprintf(f, "\r\n");
fprintf(f, "CAT %s\r\n\r\n", cat.Name);
for (ARCodeList::iterator jt = cat.Codes.begin(); jt != cat.Codes.end(); jt++)
ARCode& code = *jt;
fprintf(f, "CODE %d %s\n", code.Enabled, code.Name);
fprintf(f, "CODE %d %s\r\n", code.Enabled, code.Name);
for (u32 i = 0; i < code.CodeLen; i+=2)
fprintf(f, "%08X %08X\n", code.Code[i], code.Code[i+1]);
fprintf(f, "%08X %08X\r\n", code.Code[i], code.Code[i+1]);
fprintf(f, "\n");
fprintf(f, "\r\n");
......@@ -173,9 +173,9 @@ void Save()
if (entry->Type == 0)
fprintf(f, "%s=%d\n", entry->Name, *(int*)entry->Value);
fprintf(f, "%s=%d\r\n", entry->Name, *(int*)entry->Value);
fprintf(f, "%s=%s\n", entry->Name, (char*)entry->Value);
fprintf(f, "%s=%s\r\n", entry->Name, (char*)entry->Value);
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