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......@@ -38,23 +38,31 @@ Linux:
* use CodeBlocks
* or receive golden cookies if you get Cmake to work
Build system is not set in stone.
* better 3D engine
* wifi
* UI that doesn't suck
* better sound emulation
* emulating some fancy addons
* other non-core shit (debugger, graphics viewers, cheat crapo, etc)
* more 3D engine features
* hardware renderer for 3D
* wifi
* hardware renderer for 3D (w/ upscaling and fancy shit)
* better wifi
* maybe emulate flashcarts or other fancy hardware
* big-endian compatibility (Wii, etc)
* LCD refresh time (used by some games for blending effects)
* any feature you can eventually ask for that isn't outright stupid
* Martin for GBAtek, a good piece of documentation
* Cydrak for the extra 3D GPU research
* All of you comrades who have been testing melonDS, reporting issues, suggesting shit, etc
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