Commit c5ecef74 authored by Arisotura's avatar Arisotura
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fix similar bug with emu settings dialog

also make the reset-warning dialog a bit betterer
parent d21cd202
......@@ -165,8 +165,8 @@ void EmuSettingsDialog::done(int r)
if (RunningSomething
&& QMessageBox::warning(this, "Reset necessary to apply changes",
"The emulation will be reset for the changes to take place",
QMessageBox::Yes, QMessageBox::Cancel) != QMessageBox::Yes)
"The emulation will be reset for the changes to take place.",
QMessageBox::Ok, QMessageBox::Cancel) != QMessageBox::Ok)
strncpy(Config::BIOS9Path, bios9Path.c_str(), 1023); Config::BIOS9Path[1023] = '\0';
......@@ -1662,11 +1662,10 @@ void MainWindow::onOpenEmuSettings()
void MainWindow::onEmuSettingsDialogFinished(int res)
if (EmuSettingsDialog::needsReset)
void MainWindow::onOpenInputConfig()
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