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      Allow for a more modular renderer backends (#990) · a7029aeb
      Wunk authored
      * Draft GPU3D renderer modularization
      * Update sources C++ standard to C++17
      The top-level `CMakeLists.txt` is already using the C++17 standard.
      * Move GLCompositor into class type
      Some other misc fixes to push towards better modularity
      * Make renderer-implementation types move-only
      These types are going to be holding onto handles
      of GPU-side resources and shouldn't ever be copied around.
      * Fix OSX: Remove 'register' storage class specifier
      `register` has been removed in C++17...
      But this keyword hasn't done anything in years anyways.
      OSX builds consider this "warning" an error and it
      stops the whole build.
      * Add RestartFrame to Renderer3D interface
      * Move Accelerated property to Renderer3D interface
      There are points in the code base where we do:
      `renderer != 0` to know if we are feeding
      an openGL renderer. Rather than that we can instead just have this be
      a property of the renderer itself.
      With this pattern a renderer can just say how it wants its data to come
      in rather than have everyone know that they're talking to an OpenGL
      * Remove Accelerated flag from GPU
      * Move 2D_Soft interface in separate header
      Also make the current 2D engine an "owned" unique_ptr.
      * Update alignment attribute to standard alignas
      Uses standardized `alignas` rather than compiler-specific
      * Fix Clang: alignas specifier
      Alignment must be specified before the array to align the entire array.
      * Converted Renderer3D Accelerated to variable
      This flag is checked a lot during scanline rasterization. So rather
      than having an expensive vtable-lookup call during mainline rendering
      code, it is now a public constant bool type that is written to only once
      during Renderer3D initialization.
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      fix #994 · 891427c7
      RSDuck authored
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      wild shot into the dark · e7ee3b7b
      RSDuck authored
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      improve and fix NonStupidBitfield also get rid of some UB · 6256a42e
      RSDuck authored
      fixes optimised lto clang build
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