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# Mupen64Plus-Next
Mupen64Plus-Next is [mupen64plus]( + [GLideN64]( + [libretro](
Mupen64Plus-Next is N64 emulation library for the [libretro API](, based on Mupen64Plus (see below).
It is also the successor of the old Mupen64Plus libretro core.
#### How is this different from [Parallel-N64](
> You can *always* rely on it to give you a excellent Majora's Mask experience. Seriously.
Parallel-N64 implements multiple Graphics plugins. There are also code modifications that make it different than standalone mupen64plus.
#### How is this different from any N64 libretro-core, ever?
Mupen64Plus-Next uses GLideN64 (a graphics plugin that is not available in Parallel-N64). The emulator code itself is identical to standalone mupen64plus.
Due to the amount of libraries that are used and are in regular need of maintenance, I have strict rules about adding dependencies.
This allows for easy maintenance, so available time can be spent on useful improvements and lowers the burden.
By default the experience will be very simliar to the N64 emulators you know and love with *a lot extra*.
By choosing one graphics plugin (GLideN64), we will be able to keep the code in line with upstream, and maintaining the code will be much simpler.
> **Sidenote:**
While I accept pretty much every reasonable contribution, hacks must not impact behavior by default, unless justified.
If you need to add a dependency, please consult me first.
Force-pushes on all branches but `develop` and `master` are fair game.
`master` has the best stability memes, if that's your *thing*.
#### Used Technologies
The following projects have been incorporated into this repository:
- [mupen64plus](
- [GLideN64](
- [cxd4](
- [parallel-rsp](
- [angrylion-rdp-plus]( (Currently based on it's [ParaLLel]( variant)
#### Acknowledgments
A special thanks to the mupen64plus team, the libretro team, and gonetz and those that have worked on GLideN64.
A special thanks to:
- The Mupen64Plus Team, especially Gillou68310
- gonetz and those that have worked on GLideN64, especially fzurita
- The Authors of cxd4 and angrylion-rdp-plus (ata4)
- themaister for parallel-rsp
- Everyone in libretro Team
\- m4xw
\ No newline at end of file
......@@ -562,7 +562,7 @@ void retro_get_system_info(struct retro_system_info *info)
#define GIT_VERSION " git"
info->library_version = "1.0" GIT_VERSION;
info->library_version = "2.0" GIT_VERSION;
info->valid_extensions = "n64|v64|z64|bin|u1";
info->need_fullpath = false;
info->block_extract = false;
......@@ -7,6 +7,6 @@
remote =
branch = master
commit = efbf80b24f2fa56d20ae0f92d2ac30d249f72eb2
parent = ec0e0e0e6aec553983f89e0071deb6392bcb4b8f
parent = a3dcc7bfc8960663a34d8d1a0b96ac29b0616345
method = rebase
cmdver = 0.4.0
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