Commit 633f3788 authored by m4xw's avatar m4xw
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Move mempak filestorage to readonly (handled via libretro)

parent fb0b9c52
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......@@ -1477,7 +1477,7 @@ m64p_error main_run(void)
mpk_storages[i].size = MEMPAK_SIZE;
mpk_storages[i].filename = (void*)&mpk; /* OK for isubfile_storage */
init_mempak(&g_dev.mempaks[i], &mpk_storages[i], &g_isubfile_storage);
init_mempak(&g_dev.mempaks[i], &mpk_storages[i], &g_ifile_storage_ro);
l_paks[i][k] = &g_dev.mempaks[i];
if (Controls[i].Plugin == PLUGIN_MEMPAK) {
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