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Update makefile to properly place icon file

parent d90b27ab
......@@ -90,7 +90,7 @@ $(OBJ_CP) : %.o : %.cpp
# Big thanks to pingflood for this ipk code!
ipk: $(BUILD) $(TARGET)
@rm -rf /tmp/.potator-ipk/ && mkdir -p /tmp/.potator-ipk/root/home/retrofw/emus/potator /tmp/.potator-ipk/root/home/retrofw/apps/gmenu2x/sections/emulators /tmp/.potator-ipk/root/home/retrofw/apps/gmenu2x/sections/emulators.systems
@cp -r potator.dge distrib/potator/icon.png /tmp/.potator-ipk/root/home/retrofw/emus/potator
@cp -r potator.dge distrib/potator/potator.png /tmp/.potator-ipk/root/home/retrofw/emus/potator
@cp distrib/potator/potator.lnk /tmp/.potator-ipk/root/home/retrofw/apps/gmenu2x/sections/emulators
@sed "s/^Version:.*/Version: $$(date +%Y%m%d)/" ipkfiles/control > /tmp/.potator-ipk/control
@cp ipkfiles/conffiles /tmp/.potator-ipk/
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