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      Merge branch 'audio-desync-hack-option' · 2d6c046a
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      Merge branch 'core-throttle-fix' · b6778b0f
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      Merge branch 'latency-option' · 61ea9b27
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      Added Audio Desync Hack core option · fb63273a
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      Add core option to address the problem of audio desynchronizing when
      NoWaitMode is enabled. It works by simply discarding any audio samples
      generated past the requested amount per frame slice, which from my tests
      isn't many and my ears can't notice a difference. Forces NoWaitMode to
      enabled regardless of its setting, thus leaving speed throttling up to
      the frontend by way of some combination of its various sync options
      (video, audio, and/or exact content framerate/time sync) - which is "the
      right way" for a libretro core.
      AFAICT NoWaitMode set to disabled avoids this problem by periodically
      oversleeping and thereby starving the audio buffer. This hack is no less
      ugly of a fix, sure it's not the right way but neither is throttling in
      the core in the way NoWaitMode disabled does, IMO. If/when the root
      problem is addressed this option (and NoWaitMode) will no longer be
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      Added Push Video before Audio core option · 7312fd2a
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      Add core option to prioritize reducing video latency over audio latency
      and/or potential stuttering by pushing video before audio, old behavior
      is left as the default.
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      Core throttle fix and toggle framerates core option · e21646f1
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      Change core speed throttling code to get elapsed time from the frontend
      via the frame time callback, this allows fastforward (and slowmo?) to
      work properly when NoWaitMode is disabled.
      Add core option to toggle between using actual(new) or
      compatible(?)(old) framerates, option defaults to using the old values.
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