Commit c344e986 authored by aliaspider's avatar aliaspider
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use the extern "C" macros.

parent 7b820ffe
#ifndef __os9x_asm_cpu__
#define __os9x_asm_cpu__
extern "C" void test_opcode(SCPUState *cpuptr);
#include "snes9x.h"
extern "C" void asmMainLoop_spcC(SCPUState *cpuptr);
extern "C" void asmMainLoop_spcAsm(SCPUState *cpuptr);
extern "C" void asmMainLoop(SCPUState *cpuptr);
extern "C" void asm_S9xMainLoop(void);
void test_opcode(SCPUState *cpuptr);
void asmMainLoop_spcC(SCPUState *cpuptr);
void asmMainLoop_spcAsm(SCPUState *cpuptr);
void asmMainLoop(SCPUState *cpuptr);
void asm_S9xMainLoop(void);
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