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    Cleaned up the SDL event gathering loop. It now almost exclusively · 0f0625d9
    stephena authored
    makes use of switch/case statements instead of the slower if/elseif
    structure.  Hopefully this will fix event problems some users were
    The Control or Alt button can actually now be used in event remapping.
    Due to the old event handling, the Control key could be assigned to
    an event but would never actually be usable.
    Removed the option to remap the exit event (for now), since I haven't
    figured out a way to remap it *back* to 'Escape' if that mapping is
    ever removed.
    Added beginning of support for Stella to automatically determine the
    correct framerate based on ROM format type.  The final version of this
    will probably wait until Stella 1.5.
    git-svn-id: svn://svn.code.sf.net/p/stella/code/trunk@329 8b62c5a3-ac7e-4cc8-8f21-d9a121418aba
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